We provide unmatched service and security solutions by creating and cultivating partnerships with our security professionals and clients.  S&L Security has incorporated an innovative mix of tradition with cutting edge systems and technology to ensure the safety and integrity of the sites.

Our team is highly qualified and trained in meeting client requests. We view our administration as a valuable asset to our company and we know that a quality security professional is the key to exceptional service. Our management team works to ensure that our field operations provides a safe, responsive and secure environment for our clients.

We do our best to provide great service at a reasonably priced cost.Our executive and managerial staff is an ensemble of professionals with individual backgrounds in law enforcement, security management and public relations.

We offer a full range of security services including unarmed and armed uniformed officers, off duty police officers, bicycle-foot-vehicle patrols,internal theft and loss prevention services, and security plan consulting and evaluation. 

Why Choose Us?

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  • We are a cooperative team that accommodates client needs.
  • We provide a free Mobile Phone App Based Clock-In System which is GPS Enabled that pinpoints the Guards location to ensure their presence and have them perform hourly safety checks to ensure their active and alert.
  • If a guard does not meet a client's standards, the guard will be replaced immediately.
  • Our Clients have immediate access to owners and administrative staff
  • Our professional Security guards meet BSIS standards with proper training, certificates, and valid guard cards, also have permits in the following: CPR/First Aid, Pepper Spray, Baton, Power to Arrest, etc.
  • We provide a patrol tour system (detex) to ensure the patrols are completed and there is a record of how often and well the property is being supervised.
  • We strive to provide a reasonable price for our clients
  • S&L Security team is hard-working, dedicated, and passionate about security and safety needs.
  • Our mission is to establish an efficient partnership with our clients.
  • We place a strong emphasis on recruiting and training people with dedication and strong leadership skills.

Our Mission

S&L Security Inc. shall be service oriented and perform security duties with the highest possible degree of personal and professional integrity.
Protect property and human life; prevent unlawful activity by maintaining a security presence and high visibility.
Observe and Report. Be fair and impartial while treating people with dignity and respect.
Monitor the safety, well being and welfare of all persons.

Our goal remains to provide you with a a professional, experienced, knowledgeable and public relations oriented team of dedicated individuals.
We apply all resources available, enabling our officers to deploy unique tactics while performing assignments to your specific requirements.

We provide unmatched service and security solutions by creating and cultivating partnerships with our security professionals and clients.
We implement our security program to achieve:

Free Quote

If you are interested in our services and would like to receive a free quote,
please provide us with some basic information and we will respond within 24 hours.

If this is an emergency or you would like to talk to one of our security experts,
please call us at [ 1.866.348.8330 ]